What is IPELA?

IPELA is Sony’s vision of the ultimate workplace, designed to revolutionize the way business communicates over global IP networks. Utilizing Sony's line of high quality, IP-ready visual communication products, communication is delivered in high-resolution images and naturally clear audio - with a quality never before achieved. The IPELA series of visual communication products encompass the three-pronged concept of "Reality", "Intelligence", and "Usability":

IPELA products can improve the efficiency of your organization by connecting people and places with high-quality audio and video. IPELA lets you experience live audio and video as if you are actually "there" when in fact you are somewhere else.

IPELA products incorporate technology such as visual recognition, itelligent detection methods, robust processing techniques and advanced search capabilities. IPELA products work for you, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

IPELA products adopt easy to use controls and intuitive graphical user interfaces while at the same time, providing you flexibilty to meet your requirements. IPELA minimizes the learning curve, saving you time and money, and contributes to the efficient operation of your organization.



Sony has consistently demonstrated the ability to design and develop state-of-the-art systems to meet the needs of almost every user. Sony develops systems with exceptional features, high reliability, and with meticulous detail in design that customers demand and expect from Sony.

Sony is and has always been an innovator. From the introduction of the first transistor radio to the development of advanced and proven systems for almost every sector of society, Sony has always created something new by "Thinking Outside of the Box."

Sony will persistently innovate and unyieldingly pursue perfection in providing complete solutions to our customers. With technology advances and improvements driven by customer needs, Sony will lead the way into future generations. And with the introduction of each new system, Sony will conform to the IPELA three-pronged concept of reality, intelligence, and usability.


Who can benefit from the IPELA IP Monitoring Solutions?

Network cameras can "keep an eye" on entrances, cash desks, and ATMs 24/7 to ensure bank security and customer safety. These cameras can trigger a variety of actions such as storing images or relaying alarm signals to a security service when motion or suspicious objects are detected. In addition, a central site can be used to effectively manage multiple cameras at each bank location, and recorded images can be archived locally, at the central site, or both, providing secure image storage for later viewing.

Network cameras located in ports, train stations, highways, and bus terminals can be used to monitor these locations and the movements of people and vehicles, to keep watch for potentially threatening activities to public safety 24 hours a day, and to better utilize all security resources. Since these applications cover a very large area, wireless networks can be leveraged to lower infrastructure costs.

A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. IP video monitoring systems can be used to monitor multiple locations such as building entrances, exits, corridors, playgrounds, and parking lots, acting as "extended eyes" for your security staff. In addition, these systems can be integrated into an existing campus LAN, which can drastically reduce installation costs and time.

Government/Public Venues
IP video monitoring systems make it economically viable for government agencies to provide greater levels of coverage of cities, towns, and special events in public venues. They can also help police and emergency services deal with and analyze incidents more effectively.

Network cameras can help efficiently transform industrial processes in locations such as factories, warehouses, and construction sites. A wide range of applications, such as real-time monitoring of production lines, inventory monitoring at warehouses, and construction site monitoring are all possible, allowing managers to quickly provide direction, even from a remote location. In addition, network cameras allow for unmanned warehouse monitoring during nighttime operations, helping to protect your assets.

IP video monitoring systems can be used for various applications ranging from security to market research in both small retail shops and in large-scale shopping malls. Not only can network cameras provide a safer shopping environment for customers, but they can also be an effective deterrent to shoplifters. Also, analytics such as people counting, traffic analysis, and sales monitoring can be performed, helping you formulate strategies and tactics to improve your business.

Network video monitoring provides an ideal way for museums, exhibitions, theme parks, and resorts to increase their global market presence through online "web attractions" that can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. Live images from network cameras can be integrated easily into an existing website to help increase site traffic and encourage repeat customer visits, making "web attractions" an excellent revenue-generating tool.