The IP Cameras

We are currently working with different Sony IPELA's models, but honestly we like to propose the following three ones. One professional model is the SNC-RS86P, then there is the also new SNC-CH180, finally there is the new and compact SNC-CH210.

Based on open IP standards, network cameras connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet, and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm. 

We present here some of the main features of these models.



Designed for outdoor use, the SNC-RS86P PTZ dome camera delivers excellent picture quality at D1 Resolution.This level of clarity combined with state-of-the-art image processing and a high speed panning capability make the RS86P one of the most effective CCTV cameras on the market. With a total tilt range of 210° and a 360° endless high-speed panning capability, it can cover a wide monitoring area quickly and in a high level of detail. This capability makes it an obvious choice for mission critical CCTV applications including airport/border and traffic surveillance.

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An important addition to Sony's superlative range of network security systems, the SNC-CH180 is an HD camera that can see in the dark, with infra-red IR Illuminator. It captures clear pictures even without any visible light.

This feature-rich HD fixed security camera comes with Sony's image enhancement expertise. It includes View-DR for a very wide dynamic range in difficult lighting conditions, and XDNR for incredibly powerful noise reduction. Couple these with the SNC-CH180's IR Illuminator, and you have a powerful HD network security camera.

The SNC-CH180 projects infra-red light 15 metres from the lens and beyond, effortlessly capturing clear images where other devices would see only darkness*.

Sony's DEPA Advanced Intelligent Video and Audio Analytics means the SNC-CH180 delivers crystal-clear images and automatic alarm triggers and alerts - based on user-defined rules. The SNC-CH180 also offers excellent protection against vandals and the weather.

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Designed for a compact budget, this space-saving camera has several top-end features, making it an obvious choice for a wide range of surveillance applications. 

The SNC-CH210 not only captures pristine HD images, but it provides users with a new way to use them; with ‘Stream Squared’ technology. This is a function that allows simultaneous streaming of two user-selectable SD resolutions. This means it can stream a wide angle view and a close-up shot at the same time. It is perfect for keeping a close eye on trouble spots and keeping the wider picture in sight.

With a 3 megapixel (2048x1536) Exmor CMOS sensor, three industry-standard codecs and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability this is a great choice for an unobtrusive, easy to install and powerful network security camera.

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